ABERRICAN ME: A Video Series

Hello again, Collectors.

Here is something equally as cool as Queen. Short skateboarding video stories.

Aberrican Me is a video series of stories filmed and produced (very well) by The Berrics:

Made by The Berrics, a skateboard park owned by the skateboarders Steve (Ber)ra and E(ric) Koston. The Aberrican Me series brings videos of pro skateboarders personal lives to light through interviews and reenactment.

The front page of Documentary Heaven features Aberrican Me: Ross Capicchioni, a young man who’s long-term friend shot him several times with a shotgun. He tells his story well, and only a few years after the fact. He’s clearly very calm and strong and wise.

There are 14 stories so far, each with a different pro. One about a guy who makes skateboard wax, one about there is a newly pro skater talking about looking forward to focusing on just skating.

An inspiring bunch of stories, its great to see people talking about how passionate they are. Its such an interesting culture, creative destructive, casual, intense. Like most other passionate groups, but skateboarding is intriguing, its both graceful and dirty.

They are nicely shot, well edited, I say everything one wants in a film. They are also between 3 and 5 minutes long, so help yourself. Learning to skateboard would be so cool. The only downside is the lack of female representation. Girls are awesome too! Seriously fun girl skating times are in those links. Do it for your own sake and we’ll talk about them.


Captian Valor: Back with a New Message

Hey hey.

Remember CaptianValor (from the internets) of sign language music video fame?

He’s back and different. No more ASL. More talky-talk and more listening.

He likes you, and he wants to know what you think. He wants to create a community, and he wants you involved.

Essentially the neat idea is to ask a question and then compile responses and create a new video a fortnight later.

The ol’ captain seems to have changed since the ASL days. He has a serious job and this new goal. He is a true go-getter, always on to the next task! This goal really uses technology (youtube) to its full extent.

Are you part of the YouTube community? How does it work with video responses and communication? Or do you mainly use it for passive watching for hours of 30Rock clips?

Will you join the conversation? Or are you part of one already?