More Skateboarding Funtimes: Getting Nowhere Faster

Hey buddies.

Remember last time how we talked about those interesting Aberrican Me vids? We I wondered about female representation? Well now there are skateboards where my mouth is! Are you sitting down?

Get your sweet, sweet skateboarding here Getting Nowhere Faster. Thats a link to the movie. 45 minutes. Watch it, I’ll wait.

Fun, right? So impressive. Jaws dropped when Vanessa Torres skated on two skateboards at once!

GNF stars a great number of talented folk: Torres, Faye Jamie, Amy Caron, Alex White, Stefanie Thomas, just to name a few. Someone called Nugget jumps off a porch on to a board and skates off like it was easy.

They are crazy good, and clearly having so much fun. The movie looks like it was made by a bunch of friends. It also stars a large barbie doll and a thieving cupcake in a series of funny shorts that make very little sense but provide story interludes between the amazing skating skills.

Inspiring, funny, impressive, fun. What else do you want in a sports movie? Did you think they were good or do you think I’m easily impressed?