American Sign Language Music Videos


Sign language is pretty impressive.(New Zealand. American) It is fascinating to watch, and it is a great language for both deaf and hearing folk. As a fun exercise a few years ago Stephen Torrence, known as Captain Valor on Youtube, translated catchy pop songs and danced! Danced!

Whatever your feelings toward Cyrus, or Jay Z, or Brittany, or Beyonce you can agree that this Stephen is mad skilled and this video is so much fun! His facial expressions are brilliant and useful.

What really takes these videos above and beyond are the two subtitle tracks. One is the song lyrics. The other, credited to Bill Creswell in some videos, are the literal translations for the signs. It really brings sign language across as a language conveying meaning because you can follow along at home. Whoever though off adding the subtitles deserves an award!

There are quite a few videos Stephen and crew have done. They even do Still Alive from Portal! There is at least one short interview with Stephen on How Stuff Works.

What do you think of these videos? Or the fact that we are like three years late to the party?

P.S. it seems he has a blog – we might talk about it later too.