Snowbird: A Graphic Novel

Hey buddies.

Snowbird is a graphic novel that Erin Wilson wants to write and draw – an admirable feat! She seems to have the story pretty much hashed out, and needs time to get all artistic on it. Erin has a great sense of humour, a large selection of animal hats and a hip bunch of supportive friends. All of these things you can see in this Kickstarter video.

Its well worth watching as an entertaining short film, especially for the bloopers at the end! And it shows us some of the great drawing and colouring she’s capable of.

The plot of the story will be based around Erin’s experiences in the winter of 2010.

New Orleans, and a series of traumatic events took place. I came to town with a broken heart, hoping to find time to recover. What I found instead was a winter where members of my community suffered violent assault, nine people died, our creative efforts during Mardi Gras fell prey to police brutality, ending with a police raid of our infoshop, The Iron Rail Collective. I am writing this story as a witness to the events that took place, but also to remind those who were there about the good things that happened, too.

What seems super great about this project, along with the intense and personal story idea, and the delightful pitch, are the nice touches that tell you its going to be done well. For example on her website, all the little animations for the menus. Maybe I’m just a sucker for cute. Also she also has a time-table planned and accountability in the form of backer access to her progress.

Quirky and professional and interesting. Heres hoping the graphic novel gets made gets made! What do you reckon?


Life In A Day – A Documentary

Hey Amikoj thats Esperanto for ‘friends.’

On the 24th of July 2010 hundreds of people filmed their day and answered a the few questions at the bottom of this post. They sent that footage to Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald. Edited by Joe Walker.

Their movie on Documentary Heaven of shots from these films, showing parts of everyday lives of normal people. Life In A Day. They have worked will with participants opposing viewpoints, values and standard of living. They have done reasonably well with limiting bias.

It is unexpectedly emotional, unexpectedly visually stunning, unexpectedly diverse. Its unexpectedly shocking, and unexpectedly unsentimental.

It shows moments in many peoples lives that they have filmed. Some are magical – like children declaring their love for their parents. Some are truly sad, involving death and rejection. Some are alarming, like poverty and violence. Some are disturbing, like animal cruelty.

So many people open up their hearts, and their fears and their angst to the camera – and its really real and honest and sad and uplifting. Its really relatable.

Really its surprising. Every emotion you could experience is in this movie. Unexpectedly – thanks YouTube community!

There are some graphic sceens. If you want to NOT see a cow being badly slaughtered tortured skip from :42:00 to :45:00. Also, if you don’t like music telling you how to feel – turn the sound down. 

Have you seen it? How were you left feeling afterwards? Happy? Heartbroken? Pensive? Motivated? Me too.

What do you have in your pocket? Notes. What do you love? The power of books. What do you fear? Humans.

Self high-fives! Donating to charity!

At about this time of year, some people get in the mood to share the gift of giving.

Its also hard to make decisions to give/donate that aren’t steeped in guilt. For some me there can vicious circle, namely: -> Identify need in someone (from reading the news, maybe)  -> realize how much I have (even if just compared to those worse off) -> feel guilty    -> get a little extensional and resentful at myself, the world and others for creating this world  -> sulk   ->  donate/be crippled by a feeling of malaise and impotence.

Step 2, the ‘realizing how much I have’ is a jerk move ’cause it leads to ‘…have to be guilty about.’ Its a downward spiral focussing on the bad things. Who can live in that world? We are much better than that. Step 2 is now -> realize how much I can do! Change. Boom.

Here is an American site that rates charities in their efficiency and transparency. Its easier than reading the financial reports of a bunch of charities. Oxfam has been rated consistently highly. Or there is the NZ Kidscan.

If you give yourself a high-five for every cent you donate, the endorphins will keep you happy even if the moral boost doesn’t. Pro tip!

How do you make the world better? Because you do.