Self high-fives! Donating to charity!

At about this time of year, some people get in the mood to share the gift of giving.

Its also hard to make decisions to give/donate that aren’t steeped in guilt. For some me there can vicious circle, namely: -> Identify need in someone (from reading the news, maybe)  -> realize how much I have (even if just compared to those worse off) -> feel guilty    -> get a little extensional and resentful at myself, the world and others for creating this world  -> sulk   ->  donate/be crippled by a feeling of malaise and impotence.

Step 2, the ‘realizing how much I have’ is a jerk move ’cause it leads to ‘…have to be guilty about.’ Its a downward spiral focussing on the bad things. Who can live in that world? We are much better than that. Step 2 is now -> realize how much I can do! Change. Boom.

Here is an American site that rates charities in their efficiency and transparency. Its easier than reading the financial reports of a bunch of charities. Oxfam has been rated consistently highly. Or there is the NZ Kidscan.

If you give yourself a high-five for every cent you donate, the endorphins will keep you happy even if the moral boost doesn’t. Pro tip!

How do you make the world better? Because you do.


One thought on “Self high-fives! Donating to charity!

  1. Thanks for the pro tip! Here’s another: is a great website selling new and used books, with free shipping worldwide and all proceeds going to Oxfam. Books AND generosity (win!). Also, I was a Big Girl recently and did my own taxes. (That’s right: boom!) Turns out you can claim like 33.3% tax back on donations. So you’re pretty much forcing John Key to give money to people who need it. (I get the impression that’s something he doesn’t like to do). Suck on that, Mr. Key!

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