I Wanted To Be This Guy

…but female and more colourful and with more use of the letter ‘u’

This guy, Miguel Endara, amirite?

Great website concept. Frequent updates, good content. For those who didn’t click you the concept is big words, short sentences and links to things you’d like to know about, i.e. TED.com, a site full of inspiring speeches from clever people. 

I bet Miguel will be on there one day.

He’s a professional, and has had a great deal of practice.

Plus he’s a talented artist .

Now you know, eh.

Who do you want to be like?


One thought on “I Wanted To Be This Guy

  1. That site is fun. Never knowing what you might find when you click!
    I would like to be more like someone who is efficient. But still who I am.
    Or someone who is good at being aware of the time.
    Or someone who writes better replies to a friends blog.

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