What does Blackface represent? Insightful Writings

Hi-ya thinkers. Be prepared, really great articles are coming up! Reading!

Coming up to halloween, there was a campaign run by Ohio Uni students asking people to think twice before dressing as a culture.

Their point is that is it disrespectful to make a culture a gimmick exaggerated for the laughs. They feel to dress as a culture takes away a members personal legitimacy. This can be true, if you see an excellent parody of a serious film, for example, it is hard to take the serious film, well, seriously. Brokeback Mountain, for example. You know what I mean.

Blackface is a popular “costume” and very entrenched in our not just American culture.

Post halloween, amongst some black faces there was a neat costume idea (though tricky to pull off) ‘Her face is black, but its not blackface‘ (below and link) and we got blackface.

Would you accuse her of using blackface?

Blackface has been known to make some people laugh and it can insult others with its representation of oppression, so ‘When has blackface ever ended well?‘ Here, too, the author asks that people just think about what they are dressing as. The link explains with great links that blackface is used to perpetuate and justify the oppression of black people.

Coming up to December and the holiday Sinterklass, blackface is a dangerous topic in the Netherlands as well. For Sinterklass wiki link a gift bearing man arrives with his “helpers” who are traditional parodies of North African slaves. In a new generation of non-slave owners, the story of the helpers has been changed to explain away the blackface as soot from chimney climbing. Our writer here argues while the story has (flimsily) changed, the feeling and underlying message of blackface is to ridicule a race and culture. 

All these wonderful articles go on to ask other important questions, and give more information and opinions about blackface. Did you find them interesting?

So what do you think? Is racism entrenched in our culture? What did you dress as for halloween? Can blackface be funny? What is stronger, the history of blackface and what it represents, or the attitude that we are in a different, more neutral, age now? Bad, y/n?


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