Below The Line

Hey, friends.

A workmate and new friend made a ten minute documentary its won prizes! about the NZ arm of the Global Poverty Project and its director Will Watterson participating in Below the Line.

Below the Line from Aurs Illojgali on Vimeo.

One of the best parts is when Will Watterson says he learned to “keep my heart soft” that is such a lovely way of talking about compassion.

The Global Poverty Project is:

…not after your money. The presentation explains how your everyday actions – in what you learn, say, buy, give and do – can be connected to the ending of extreme poverty. Small actions in your life can create big opportunities for the world’s poorest.

That is what we love to hear. Everyday actions, everyday fundamental changes in society.

Specifically the Live Below the Line Challenge. August 22-26 people live off just NZD$2.25 a day for five days to really get a sense of poverty, and to raise money for worthy causes. Full disclosure, they aren’t non-religious if that bothers you, though it seems you can choose to support only non-religious organizations like Oxfam through Below the Line.

The $2.25 figure represents the amount someone living in extreme poverty in New Zealand would have to live on.

The organization seems super pro-active, which is great. They even have a $2.25 a Day Cook Book. That is something we can all try to save and possibly donate money!

There is a wealth of information, and worthy organizations on the site. Hours of life changing information and support. Peruse! Watch the doco, too, it has a bunch of background information in it as well. Plus its totally a great length and made by cool people.

What do you think?


One thought on “Below The Line

  1. I think it sounds great! I’m so tired (how do you do it?) but will definitely have a look another day. Lol “not non-religious”. You crack me up. Have a great Friday!

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