Hey hey.

Look at these Tattly fake tattoos!

Don’t the colours come across so well? The lines are so sharp! Fake tattoos for the style conscious!

The clever founder of Tattly also runs Swissmiss and there she also has links to all the tattoos and names of all the designers lucky enough to have designed the pictures soon to be adorning your body.

You can kinda tell they were designed by, well, designers. Very, very hip.

Have you seen any or worn any? Lots of people are talking about Tattly but there son’t seen to be many user pic on the internets, only promotional shots.

The closest I’ve gotten is moustaches thats right from this FINISHED Kickstarter project by Brontosaurus Rex. They were amazing, and stayed on through weeks of daily vigorous showers. So if they are anything the same, they will be cool, so cool.

100% 'mo after 'bout 2 weeks (not gross). Quality product. Would buy again.


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