Hello hello.

Have you seen this cover of the movie The Princess Bride? fFull credit here to one of T-Shirt Avalanche’s cool shirts, and him, for the intro to ambrigrams.

Not only is this an awesome movie, it has a striking cover to go with it. This crazy amazing writing that you can read from both sides is called an ambrigram.

These are such a neat idea. They seem super tricky to design. Although there are a bunch of generators online, they are no where near as readable as The Princess Bride.

Do you think creating them is a matter of looking at the words like a picture, so you aren’t distracted by what the letters would normally look like? Or do you think it is more technical, maybe plotting what needs to be where to be understood?

Here is a breakdown of a clever person drawing a super sweet ambrigram of John Meyer’s name! They have a good understanding of letters and fonts, and they just play around by drawing with what they have written down.

You can also get ambrigrams that make one text read as two different words – one for up and one for up-side down!


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