Esperanto! A proposition

Hey Chum. Remember how Cat Stevens wanted us to jump aboard the Peace Train? That is a good song! Lets try!
Lets learn Esperanto! A non-political, easy to learn universal language, for hope and peace.
Esperanto was created by L.L. Zamenhof, a dapper looking fellow alive in the 1800s.
Zamenhof was born in a town in what is now part of Poland. He lived in a city that had a Jewish majority and diverse ethnic origins (German, Belarusians and Poles). Zamenhof was upset that, because of their different ethnicities, there was a great deal of squabbling amongst different groups. During his lifetime he also experienced pogroms – riots against the Jews.
In order to combat these tensions he created a neutral language for communication between cultures. His motivations are especially wonderful, because not only did he want to create a non-political language, he wanted to make a language that would foster peace!
And from a young age! At secondary school, he started attempts to create this universal language. He understood many languages: Russian, Yiddish, Polish, greek, English, Italian, Greek, Hebru, french, Latin! With such a good grasp on language, he knew what an easy to learn, easy to communicate form would be.
I can’t speak Esperanto, I’ve only really heard of it. Lets learn together! The link above has a great number of resources for learning. Here are some translation lessons. People also go to conferences about the language, they sound like a blast!
Have you heard of Esperanto? Can you speak any? Will you try this word press esperanto translator?

4 thoughts on “Esperanto! A proposition

  1. I’ve used it in speech and writing – and sung in it – in about fifteen countries over recent years.

    Mi deziras al vi multe da sukceso en via lernado!

  2. A very good way to learn a new language is to listen to the music.
    You can find many songs in esperanto on youtube
    Some artists are JOMO, Jomart & Natasha, Eterne Rima, Jonny M, Dolchamar and so on

  3. Great article about Esperanto 🙂 Have you seen ?

    I think that most people have never heard of this language and many peoply think of it as just a hobby.

    Now that the British Government employs Esperanto translators, British Telecom uses the language for advertising and China Television broadcast in the language it has ceased to be a hobby.

    You also might like to see this positive support from the Council of Europe.

    • I just spent 45 minutes on Lernu doing a basic course. Is it frowned upon to scatter esperanto words through english typing? Mi want to! I guess the tenses and things could get mixed up – but it shouldn’t get confusing for anyone!

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