Amanda Palmer Articulates Words of Wisdom.

Hiya, Honcho.

There was a risk here, of insulting what some me like to call generic platitudes. But then, who are we to judge as not worthy what another may actually find helpful and motivating?

Exactly. Lets get supportive!

Sometimes we all need a little pep, a little encouragement, a verbal hug. It turns out that we all feel worthless or wrong or fake, or just plain off kilter at some point. Some of us feel like this weekly, or when we are hungry, or when we have arts degrees.

That is what Amanda Palmer talks about so well in a speech she made mid-year for a graduating calss. The speech is titled ‘The Fraud Police’ and she talks about this imaginary police force everyone carries around with them just waiting to prove to everyone you know that you are a fake. The worst thing about the Fraud Police, or just feeling fake, is that it isolates you from people, and you feel obvious and not worthy.

The speech is appealing beacuse its real, she is relating from her experience. She is showing her flaws to us, and telling us to do the same and use them to make us stronger.

Self assurance will get you and everybody else further than angst

Its a nice speech, and a comforting thought. The best part might be when she asks everyone who has ever worried about the Fraud Police to put up thair hands. Everyone in the video does, and we can imagine everyone in the audience does too.

No body is alone in feeling anything. Knowing this helps. In case you were wondering, you aren’t a faker, your friends like you for who you are. And you’re pretty cool, as cool as the people you compare yourself to. And they want you to be happy. Group hug!

Do you know what Amanda Palmer is sharing? How do you get out of Funks?Unfunking yourself is not easily done.


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