Libraries Of Sorts

Greetings, bookworms.

Books, right? Can’t stack ’em for fear of damage. Can arrange them autobiographically. Can also build shrines to them and have them taken very seriously at Beautiful Libraries. Libraries can be wonderful places. The very sight of books evokes a feeling of awe and respect, while also being a great deal of fun!

Well worth a look, both the words and pictures, this site has a great selection of photos for your inspiration. My Nook has a great review of the site itself, with some prime quotes to pique your interest even more. Credit where credit is due, the link to Beautiful libraries comes from My Nook.

Books are wonderfully effective in that they can be taken places and take up solid space. Sure we have vast virtual knowledge, but thats fairly incomprehensible, books are a literal wall of stories and adventure anywhere. Physically showing you potential and multiple worlds in parks, for example, or even at Occupations (the good kind).

Yeah, thats right. Occupy Wall Street has a library.

The People’s Library is the collective, public, open library of the Occupy Wall Street leaderless resistance movement.  Free, open and unrestricted access to our collection of books, magazines, newspapers, ‘zines, pamphlets and other materials that have been donated, collected, gathered and discovered during the occupation.

Libraries have the effect of physically showing a person the amount of knowledge in in the world. Actually seeing a mount of books in front of you is quite a feeling.

How do you organize your books? How do you share them with other people? How do you feel in libraries?


4 thoughts on “Libraries Of Sorts

  1. Thanks for the creds, yo. Kind, but I don’t mind if you claim the link as your own – a reward if you will, for taking the time to visit my humble blog (*thanks!*) 😀
    Personally, I don’t order my books. I have them on various mismatched bookcases, and I get great satisfaction from the fact that although it looks like chaos, I can pretty much find any book straightaway*.

    *At least, before the earthquake I could :S

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