Science: Quantum Levitation

Welcome to the future, Scientist, lets explore.

This future has quantum levitation. You may have already seen this video. Its everywhere! Intrigued? Brilliant! Lets actually get an understanding of what is happening!

That there be a sapphire wafer coated in magic Yttrium barium copper oxide, a christiline chemical compound, right, that when frozen super-crazy-cold, becomes a superconductor.

Aren’t big words fun to say? Superconductivity is the ejection of what we’ll call magnetism from inside an object – in this case a sapphire wafer. Due to the lack of what-we’ll-call-magnetism a superconductor has zero electrical resistance. Because there is no resisting, there is no energy loss for example: an electric current flowing in a loop of superconducting wire can persist indefinitely with no power source.

What is happening in the video, correct me if you have a better understanding, is the magnet below is essentially is ejecting from its insides the force of the magnet it hovers above.

It is held in place because since the wafer is so thin, some of the magnetic force/field does get through. The superconductor wants to eject it all, so it pushes the force to the weakest spots – the edges and a little bit though the middle. As shown by nice blue lines in the wonderful diagram above. And that’s how it hovers in the air, because there is just enough magnetism going though, and just enough ejection of force that our wafer is trapped in mid-air.

Explain that to your friends who have seen the video! You’re so wonderful putting in the time to learn things. Science is magical! Pokemon!

Questions? I think I have one, but its percolating.


3 thoughts on “Science: Quantum Levitation

  1. I saw that video recently too! I was like, “wowzah’, welcome to the future.” I’m pretty much a total science geek, but I still don’t completely understand how that works. All I know is I hope we get those fancy hover boards Robert Zemeckis promised us back in 1985.

  2. Thank you for breaking down what happened in that magical video. It was some serious mind blowing science happening there.

    The question I have, is when is this going to be made into a hoverboard?!!

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