Life Stories Lead to Hugs

Greetings, you.

You know your life stories are really interesting, right?

Like super interesting. Pretty much always. What is your favourite story to tell? It seems everyone has gone through something. People may even be As Good As Books at teaching you things! Who knew?

And people who listen to the, really listen, are the best people of all. How do you let them know?

Is it through the magic of hugs?

They are also free. You can get a “Free Hugs” shirt and help break down social barriers. Though its always good to know boundaries and codes – Mensa have that code down!

Science – and common sense – tell us that it is important to be hugged. Hugs make us feel good and calm and loved. They release what is casually known as the “love hormone” Oxytocin. Oxytocin is released strongly in mothers, and reciprocally during emotional bonding with anyone.

In the words of Waiting for Godot:

Come here till I embrace you.


One thought on “Life Stories Lead to Hugs

  1. Oxytocin is released reciprocally when we bond emotionally with non-humans, too. And when we engage in bonding behaviour, like mutual grooming. <3<3<3

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