Friends’ Passions and Books


Books teach us things. We know this, and writers know this.

A spirited and wise yeah, I said it workmate suggested some books to read:Oranges Are Not the Only FruitIndestructible, and Valencia. At two out of three, I’m excited. Lets speak romantically about them, shall we?

These books are powerful, open, honest and really funny. They are personal, and that is why they can teach us so much. The authors tell a story and they so eloquently tell us what they have learned.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit is wonderful in its main character not being painfully self aware. At the time of the story, she is just a girl, living happily and simply in a world that doesn’t tell her too much. Her straight faced accounts of life are magic! The moral to a love-story-warning-come-stomach-ulcer-story was:

So just you take care, what you think is the heart might well be another organ.

Silly, but yet so true.

Indestructible is powerful in that the main character is extremely self aware. That self awareness drives her to think about her actions and character. Personally, I felt like she was saying so much of what I think and have thought about me, people, and the world.  She’s thoughtful and frustrated and wants to figure everything out – and teach people what she has learned. The reference to and inclusion of body hair is especially refreshing. Yeah, its everywhere except the media.

This was never my life, was it anything like yours? Yet I feel changed and almost like I’ve seen part of that world now. Too far? These books can teach us about people and worlds we don’t live in. No, not just the gay world, either.  

Have you read Valencia? Have you read the other books? Would you? What did you think?


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