Reading Blogs, Working and Fug

Hey wage earners!

Middle-management -ha- amirite! Spending a lot of time at your desk? Allowing yourself a few breaks. Breaks to peruse your favourite blogs?

All the time, buddy, all the time. Breaks and the snorting and laughter that comes from them, help my spirits and work ethic. Science!

Go Fug Yourself is especially funny today. They have two tv shows on the go that they are making fun of critiquing. Laughing gets the blood flowing. I’m not the only one who loves it – for a great examples of their wit Female Gazing has some posted. FYI its Gazing BY women, not AT. We’ll have the latter later!

These are shows I would never watch, screen-capped by intelligent, fashion-wise, and hilarious women. The shows this season are ‘Ringer’ and ‘Hart of Dixie.’ My word, the fashion choices! GFY comments that formal shorts and lower buttock “are not the new black” despite these shows best efforts. Word to the wise.


The best thing about GFY is that they totally love having Sarah Michelle Gellar oh Buffy! and Rachel Bilson (see above – in black) oh Summer! back on tv. Who wouldn’t! They are awesome and funny, despite the shows.

Lighthearted but not stupid, appreciating what we’ve got. In this case charming actresses in silly outfits. Thats how I like my mid-day comedy. How do you take yours?


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