Pro Tip: Joint Cracking Isn’t Harmful


Lets make a knowledge omelet. We’re dealing with another simple misconception here. We’re blowing away those mind cobwebs. And how! Those freaky-awesome joint noises.

Joints crack because there is a sudden decrease in joint pressure. Chiro Health and Rehab centre explains it succinctly.

 Much like when you open a soda bottle the decrease in pressure causes the dissolved carbon dioxide gas in the solution to form bubbles. This occurs in the synovial fluid (joint fluid) as well, except nitrogen being the gas released. … the audible sound is not required for effective treatment and should be regarded as a byproduct of any joint adjustment/manipulation as (according to the current knowledge)

The myth, namely that cracking your knuckles can lead to joint damage, is prevalent and widely discussed on the ‘nets.

The consenus seems to be quite unanimous, “no problem!” In fact, some say that it may even help ward off arthritis! That link is to a doctor’s blog!

Do you crack your joints? Does it feel like sweet, sweet release? Do others helpfully suggest you not, so as to avoid joint damage?

Oh! Can you crack your toes?! videos please.


4 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Joint Cracking Isn’t Harmful

  1. Ooh, I can do the palm of my hand thing. Its weird. Almost like hand dancing.
    Your delicious knowledge omelet became a knowledge sandwich in my stomach (now) full of the future of learning!

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