Sunshine, amirite?!


Sunshine. Its so good. Technically it is electromagnetic radation from the sun. But emotionally it is so much more!

It feels so good. Especially if you’ve been inside or in winter for a long time. Sunshine makes people feel romantic. Not necessairly lovey-dovey romantic though that is nice but sentimental for times in the past, or craving new sun drenched memories of wonderful experiences.

Do you have an especially good sun-drenched memory? Or do you get sucked in thinking about the monolithic beast?

As well as arousing sentiment, the sun also looks kickin' RAD!

There are places that feel magical when the sun is in them, gardens, forests, rivers, rooftops, places you don’t go as often when it is cold and windy. Like Jessie Dodington paints, there are places to read.

The sun isn’t just a wonderful place to relax or be whimsical, pro tip be wary of skin damage and cancer. Its a good excuse to get a giant floppy hat – those things are amazing!

Like the alcohol you consume at summer barbecues, enjoy responsibly.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine, amirite?!

  1. Warm sunshine reminds me of Christmas time, and the end of the school year looking forward to the holidays. Standing in the sun waiting for my mum to pick me up after school. Happy times.

    Also, happy, bbq’s & beers.

  2. One of the best days I remember having recently involved and couple of friends and me (yep, that is grammatically correct) taking a bunch of acid and rolling around in a sunny meadow for hours. It. Was. Glorious. The bees a-buzzing, weird cockatoo things flitting about. On reflection, I’m not sure the cockatoos were really there. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day well spent.

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