Online Comics


There are so many wonderfully talented people in the world. you Special people who are both funny and can draw. Web comics are pretty amazing. An easy, incredibly accessible platform to present and sell hilarious comics and pictures.

Have you noticed all the incredibly cute comics this year? Doctor Cat and Extra Ordinary.

Web comics are so useful for new and inexperienced artists. Like blogging, it is self driven and can often be through a free company, or through cheap hosting. In collaboration with other companies like Etsy, or the New Zealand Felt, it is easy to develop your creative idea with product or support your favourite artist by buying their prints/toys/badges and so on. Some especially talented people can get books published! Dinosaur Comics has.

Buying product allows comics to last longer and develop in style and story. Girls With Slingshots is a prime example of developing style.

4th Wall Breaker. From a talented person off Something Awful. Know who?

Since there is no limit to the number of web comics anyone can follow, and that you can spend from minutes to hours or all night reading comics, they are a great way to create a creative community for the greater good, and get things done, books published, ideas out there and make people laugh.

And show you all my most favourite web comic strip ever, from Buttersafe.

Pretty much if you are talented, the internet has an audience for you. Do you have a comic? Do you know a fledgling artist? This is what we are all here for, please share!


One thought on “Online Comics

  1. I hear is pretty cool. is maths, science and romance. BRING EM ALL ON! Who doesn’t love a funny w0bsite!

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