Alone Again


We’ve chatted before it got a little risque about the benifits of having a house sans flatmates for a change. It can be like a short holiday to try out less “other people” you. And a chance to realize what flatmates offer. Have you ever lived or thought about living alone?

The sweet freedom of pantslessness feels… breezy.

There was at least seven minutes of meditation one morning, aided by the idea of solitude, and the knowledge that I could repeat gutteral sounds for as long as I wanted, because noone can hear me while I figure the noises out.

the dog of

There is less cake with the flatmates gone. There is more loud singing and dancing. More silence, which is both good and makes me appreciate human company. Too much alone time can be as vexing as too little.

Ther are pros and cons to living alone, some people love it. Over all having other people to keep you accountable collect you mail and talk to mean everything.

Do you live alone? Do you live with people/family? How do you find the time to try embarrasing or solo activities?


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