Science: Ice Takes Up Just As Much Room As Water

Whelp, Scientists, this here should be an easy one.

Ice, right. Ice. Floats in water. Elementary science is great. Knowing things like vaguely how gravity works, and how clouds form, maybe even how wind works! Smarty!

You may have heard some people saying that if/when the sea ice caps melt, they will raise the sea level? Lets figure this out with Watts Up With That? 

A handy diagram, shown through that link, shows that any ice floating in water displaces its weight so that when it melts it does not effect the water level around it. As the ice melts it gets lighter and doesn’t push down so hard so the water that melts off it flows into the area it used to be. No raise in sea level.

Perhaps the people saying that the sea levels will rise are taking a known fact, that land ice melting will raise the sea level, and, after getting totally legitimately worried, apply that worry to all ice. 

The moral here may be: Think about everything all the time. If it sounds like hype, it probably need more thought, although it may be based in truth. Catchy! 

or, I dunno,

Everybody needs a refresher in the basics now and then. It is easy to get confused or carried away. Science is fun! Questions, corrections?


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