When Do You Apologise?

Hey Chummos!

Apologies are super great awesome double plus good when you are sorry or when you knock someone in the street?? they have the power to heal wounds, and foster humility and good-will.

Apologies for all not-so-serious offenses are tricksy. We all know that if you turn up late to a pre-organized meeting, you apologize, because you are sorry and it is a one off lateness. What are your rules for apologizing when things aren’t so cut and dried. Like when you never promised a rose garden to get in contact by a certain time?

Say, for example, and this doesn’t come from personal experience at all emailing people overseas. Maybe its been a few weeks or longer since you got a message from them and you’re only just replying. Do you apologize? Would all your emails (or blogs!) then start with an apology!

What message do you think apologies like that sends? If you didn’t apologize, would they care? If you did apologize, would that be what tips them off to feeling bad. Since you apologized, you think you did something wrong?

But can they also be over used, like becoming a new “hello” at the start of emails, starting off on the back foot? What would Ayn Rand do? Never apologize! Do they, can they show weakness? They can show strength in admitting wrongs, but they can also, perhaps, show weakness or passivity. Here, one expresses both sides of the coin.


What do you do? Do you save ’em up and deliver them with eye contact, or are they a knee jerk reaction to things. Do you feel bad all the time? When do you apologize?


2 thoughts on “When Do You Apologise?

  1. Sorry I have not replied to enough of yer blog posts.

    Sometimes its best to not apologize.. though it depends the message you want to convey. Do you want to come across as weak, or not caring, possibly that it ain’t no thang?

    Especially in business, I try and not, because it instantly makes you wrong and liable. Though of course when a mistake is made, an apology is always nice. Showing you realize what has happened and you hope not to make that mistake again.

    p.s. http://youtu.be/ePyRrb2-fzs

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