Welcome. Ready to click on some links and do some listening?

Who of you listens to podcasts? What are your favourites?

The Moth stories are usually good for a listen. “True stories told live without notes.” Many of them are touching and show strength of character. Honest people telling stories about what they have survived and what they have learned.

Indiefeed has some nice poetry a lot of the time. BBC Radio 4 has some good shows in the past. You need to be subscribed and can only get the latest, and they are absolutely worth perusing. Of course the perennial Stephen Fry is all up in stories of his own! Here are a great sounding collection of more ‘casts.

If you like people talking to each other with a slight hint of an Aussie accent, try How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics! A blog by a girl who cares about gender representation and is well informed on the DC universe.

One of the best things to come from podcasts is more people knowing of the poem Words Worth. Seriously, I tear up every time. Its beautiful. By Carlos Andres Gomez. Words Worth is a powerful poem. Presented with unfailing passion. Listen, and listen.

What podcasts do you listen to? All the above were suggested by people. Word of mouth is powerful. You must know a good dub/music ‘cast?

Please link us, more listening for all!


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