Photography, Your Face and Andrea (lovely) Seymour

Hello, photo fans. Photos!

Do you ever see a photo of yourself that you can’t stand? You don’t understand why anyone would wanna look at it? Then maybe you see it on a different day and think its funny or cool? All the time, hombre, those are my teen years!

Yet unposed photos are often the best. But never when people are eating. Put the camera down nana. Andrea Seymour is not only one of the nicest people you could meet, she is also one of the most talented peole you could hire to take photos of you.

The photos style is very natural. She’s all about a fun day out with a neat sense of humour, style and camera. Peoples’ faces are at their prettiest, but still natural and human. Differences are what make us extra-specially wonderful and distinct.

 She manages to get sentimental without geting cheesy. Lovely, honest and sweet. Reading her blog shows how much she feels for her customers and her photos, and photograhy.

Seriously, who hasn’t always secretly had the most flattering photo taken of them when they “weren’t looking.” Maybe we all wanna know we are beautiful you are even when we are uncomposed. Have you/do you feel that way? Its romantic.

Who took your most flattering photo? Friend? Relative? Professional? And how much do you love it?!


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