Brand loyalty: Dr Martens


Brand loyalty is craved by every company. Sometimes it goes well, like with Kleenex, Hoover, Xerox, Google, Jell-o  the list goes on. Some are really, really entrenched in our language, Seeing Eye Dog, for example!

I’ve never been a very company loyal kinda gal. Who else unconsciously avoids wearing branded clothing? There is not much loyalty here to brands, and many ad campaigns don’t make much impact.

One company has gotten to me on an emotional level. They got to me in my formative years. They have been in fashion for many a decade. Swinging easily through punk, the 90s, and are oh-so-hip today. And they did this all without loosing any of there market. Effortless cool.

Do I feel silly loving a company, yes, but that product is at least good quality. Ethically I’m unsure. What campaigns effect you?

There is just something about these shoes...

No matter who you are, so long as you’ve had them long enough to be worn in, you’ll get respect for your docs. Street cred. They are tough, stylish, awesome and down right sexy. On both genders. You can be in a room with everyone wearing their docs and still feel unique.

It helps, perhaps, that they are well made and really do last you a life-time. And because of all of this, dang they feel good to wear!

My girls look like this

It also helps, that everyone has a story, and everyone seems to care about how you got yours!

So, tell me your story. I’d love to hear it, and it goes well with their new marketing campaign. I really hope that is two boys kissing. Its not, but we can pretend. Oh these boots!


3 thoughts on “Brand loyalty: Dr Martens

  1. These good ole docs got me through highschool, then a few years after. Bought by my parents to keep my feet safe and warm during the tourture that is highschool… Such hard wearing shoes. Perhaps its time to go shopping for some once again.

  2. Awesome. I secretly enjoyed watching those who dressed uniquely and admired them. I was always fascinated by the boys wearing their docs and harbored crushes on a few of them. Being more of the “Plain-Jane-tshirt and tennis shoes” kind of gal my entire life- lacking any style whats-o-ever…it would have been odd for me to walk into school one day sportin’ a pair of those. However, I have always liked the look and admired from afar. This pertains to tattoos, as well.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

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