Pro Tip: The Thesaurus and Dictionary

Yello, buddy.

Do you ever feel like you use a word too often? Engaging. Like you becaome fixated on the word and suddenly everything is “juxtaposed” or “engaging” or “whimisical“? Now they will be, you’re welcome.

‘Aint nothing wrong with that. Words like that are just the tip of the iceburg. A grain of sugar on your metaphorical tastebuds. Thesauruses(I had to look that up in the dictionary…) open the doors to finding out what exactly you want to say. The sbutle differences between words can change your entire sentence. For example “happy” or “jubilant” or “ecstatic.”

Thesauruses are great tools for every day, and for writing poetry – Just ask Randall Weiss. the first word you think of may not be the best, and you’re clever enough to find a good one!

For those of us who are learning new words but aren’t the best at spelling them, the dictionary is super helpful. Especially these new fangled sexy computer apps. Like that link says, it is fun to count how many times you checked the dictionary and thesaurus when writing anything. 4

Are you a writer? Or a student? Or a lover of words? What is your favourite word?


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