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Here is a serious question: Can One Person Own Ever Single Cool T-Shirt There Is?

Perhaps they can, perhaps they cannot.

There is, at least, one person who is trying. Thankfully they are documenting their struggles T-Shirt Avalanche!

With more than enough confidence, flowing golden locks, and enthuasim about photo editing, our hero is buying many many cool t-shirts and, well, posing in them.

There is a pretty sweet Robot Girl shirt. There is a Walrus on a bike! There are over 150 shirts, which is a huge collection! Consensus says that at least 90% barring a few more disturbing photos and thats just personal preference, of them are crazy awesome and funny.

Plus plus plus. When you fall in love with any shirt, there are links on the blog for where to buy them. Briliant.

Our hero seems like a fun dude. Here’s hoping that his blog -and habit of talking in the third person- somehow get more shirts in his direction. Shine on you crazy diamond.

What is your favourite shirt on the site?


2 thoughts on “T-Shirts Blog

  1. Hello!! Skotte here. =)

    Thank you fFor the kind words! I’m sorry about the creepy pictures, sometimes. We try to get a bunch of different silly poses and arrangements, and sometimes silly turns into kinda creepy. Then we just have a laugh about this weird picture and post it anyway. It’s like making fFaces in the mirror at yourself: Sometimes you make some really dopey looks, and sometimes you make some really scary looks.

    Since you ask, some of my fFavorite shirt posts have been:

    I like self-referencing jokes like The Shirt Sandwich:

    I love a good happy fFace, and this one is somehow really clever by being so simple:

    The Eyepatch Pirate Shirt picture is incredible photography, to me:

    The green in my salad this day really jumps out, and drives the Soylent Green shirt:


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