Riddle time!

‘ello! Remember when we had that riddle?

A nice way to build a rapport with people is to ask them to challenge you with any riddle they can find, its a game you can all play.

The person is so clever for knowing or finding one, and riddles are fun to figure out. It is always a wonderful surprise once you’ve put the request out in the world, and someone complies! It is a good sort of person that plays games with strangers.

Riddles are pesky things, they tend to sink their claws into you mind-tank and lurk there waiting for you to answer them. But oh, the satisfaction when you do!

Here is one a new friend sent to me, as an interesting first text.

I am the beginning of sorrow and the end of sickness.

I am always in risk but never in danger.

You may find me in the sun, but I am never out of darkness

Good luck, and no cheating. Unless you really need to.


One thought on “Riddle time!

  1. Have you ever read the Hobbit and/or Lord of the Rings? I love the idea of challenging someone to a battle of wits, and riddles being a really serious thing, to be collected and shared. And I like how lots of them were based around nature. Plus they’re humbling – but when you get them you DO feel awesome and smart. Riddles are great.

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