Musically Challenged (?) and Still Producing

Hey again, musos. This time it isn’t about Weezer!

Some people are naturally talented, some people just love music and create it for the sheer joy. High Seas Deep Seas are those people:

This is from our previous release: “Dude, they’re selling wings now!”

The song is about feeling like a bad man because you drink the dirty soup that comes with the instant noodles. Deep, I know.

This song about instant noodle soup is gritty and fun. What do you think?

Legend has it that the members of High Seas Deep Seas, in homage to a comedy skit, occasionally rent a hotel room, get super drunk and have the time of their lives making an album recording! The jury is out on wither these are costumes or not…

At least one of the members also contribues to Sismism, with a delicious hint of Australian accent.

This is fan made music, the fun it emanates is contagious. There appears to be a website that goes with the scene.

Do you like this music? What small/for fun bands to you know? We would all love to hear them!


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