An Ode to the Cardigan

Fashionistas, amirite?

The cardigan. Warm wool for winter, cool cotton for summer. Bright, dark, zipped, buttoned, tied, long, short, v-neck, scoop, trendy, classic, always good.

Cardigans are stylin’ over dresses or pants. They can be prim, or slouchy for any look you want. They are one of the most versatile clothing options. Seriously, who can fault the cardigan?

The best/most ideal cardigan might be thick cotton, long sleeves, with neat pockets, cool buttons, and patterned-but-not-too-patterned so it doesn’t over power your outfit. Basic black works well, so does camel colour, for the things that don’t need black. Is camel even the name of a colour?

Note the attractive yet not distracting detail

The cardigan takes the best parts of the awesome blazer: the looking neat and professional, while also transferring easily to slouch comfort times, for the working person who doesn’t want to get changed all the time! And they are easier to wash.

The cardigan also has the benefit of suiting all genders, and going with all lifestyles! People can swap their cardigans with whomever, so long as the neckline and colouring suit them, but that is only if they care.

Muliti-gendered clothing

Pro tip, though. Try not to leave only the bottom button undone on your cardi, it tends to look a little like your cardi is stretching.

How many cardigans do you own? Can you think of an equally useful, versatile yet recognizable item of clothing you own?



3 thoughts on “An Ode to the Cardigan

  1. Sadly, I own none. Though they are very nice and feminine and, assuming its what you are going for, helps a lass seem more delicate, and to use the word again, feminine.

    That is basing it on their fit and the thin nature of cardi’s such as the black one you pictured above.

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