My Little Pony!

Hey Bronies!

Kick off your high-healed sneakers, its party time!

The first episode of My Little Pony came out a few day ago. We all got together on the internet and watched it streamed from the US of A. Great team exercise. If the show did suck (it didn’t) it would have been worth it only for the chatting! Such a great heard group of fans!

As for the episode, it was a cliffhanger! It was all drama, and then lols, and then drama again. Pinkie Pie is maybe the best right now. She’s so funny and laughing at everyone.

And then there are the Pony Parties!!!

There are oodles of drinking games lovingly crafted by the awesome fan communities! (here is a non-scary example, the ever popular Reddit.)

And there are recipes for jello shots. By recipes I mean… colour codes.

There are so many things you can do to make a great party! Cupcakes! Decorations. Toys! Even musical toys I hear! Cutie marks! Thanks Milly!

Cutie marks are a ark on each ponies’ flank relating to their best feature about themselves. So Applejack has apples, because she works on an apple farm. So really they are more descriptive about what each pony does, but the Applejack love working on an apple farm, so there you go.

Any way you do it, enjoy the show!!! Its really funny and cute, and full of good messages!

What is your favourite MLP moment or thing?


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