Science: Ferrofluid Key chain

Hey Scientists!

Remember how we learned about the sweet, sweet, awesomeness that is Ferrofliud?

Well, hold on to your socks! Some Genius on Kickstarter has designed a key chain that harnesses the power that is ferrofluid for your every day enjoyment!

Simple and effective, and all explained on Kickstarter, these keychains are a non-toxic vial of 100% isopropyl alcohol and a dash of ferrofluid. They keychain comes with a magnet are are possibly the coolest, safest, long-term fun you could give anyone.

They are also really reasonably priced at around US$10 + $5 shipping!

Kickstarter has a video of all the cool tricks, yes you read that right tricks, that you can do with your keychain and magnet! Its pretty amazing stuff!


One thought on “Science: Ferrofluid Key chain

  1. That would be the best going away gift EVER! Imagine the good times you could have with that impressing new friends and enticing old friends into your scientific ways!

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