Interested is interesting

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If there is one lesson introduced by a film and not by a book it was from Loser – a seriously underrated movie. The secret to making friends is:

Interested is interesting

What I’m also interested in is where YOU put the emphasis in the word interesting. in.tres.ting? Tell me? 

Every body has a story. Dale Carnegie was doing “Win Friends and Influence People” talks in the 20s incorporating that theme.

Give attention, and care about people. There need not be the motive of making them like you, they will. And your life will be full to the brim of happiness! When they succeed, you will too.

Everyone wants and needs more support – especially the people you know well. Its easy to peg board them. There is a poignant section in The Lovely Bones where the narrator talks about how her mothers reading habits changed from classic literature to the point where her children thought gardening books were the perfect gift.

Interested is interesting. What are people really talking about, what can you support them to do – maybe something they mightn’t do without your support?

Interested is support – it is more than making friends.

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!


2 thoughts on “Interested is interesting

  1. “Interested is interesting” reminds me of that song by Harvey Danger – had it in my head all week.

    Hear the voices in my head / I swear to God it sounds like they’re snoring / But if you’re bored then you’re boring / The agony and the irony they’re killing me

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