Eyes For Eating Eyes With

Hey Buddies.

The dictionary tells that the word ‘Corinthian‘ means “involving or displaying the highest standards of sportsmanship” which takes Neil Gaiman’s nightmare character The Corinthian to a whole new level.

See, if corinthian meant nightmare-with-teeth-for-eyes-that-likes-to-eat-eyes, well, that would be clear. With a meaning like “high standards of sportsmanship” it explains a whole lot more about the personality of the character. He is a good sport at and about what he does (eating eyes).

Speaking of eating eyes! Look at the following link!!! with your eye teeth! For only US$165 you can terrify the pants off people. These are contact lenses that are black with white teeth round the edges. Scary – check. Awesome –  check.

Now you, too, can be a soul destroying nightmare!



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