Mighty Boosh


Come with us now on a journey through time and space. Come with us.

The Mighty Boosh – “I’m telling you I love you and you’re laughing at me!”

The show stars Howard Moon, a bumbling, well meaning idiot, with eyes like the holes in a belt and a face like a man’s thigh. With his best friend Vince Noir, described in the show as “Howard’s ugly wife” with “spectacular hair.”

Shifty Eyes

Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are the two genius fools behind The Mighty Boosh. An absurd, hilarious show It originally started as stage and radio shows and grew into popularity and a tv show and tours. Merch! They have created a brilliant show that incorporates any art that they want. There are one or two music numbers in each episode, usually brilliant, often disturbing, and always funny. Except the crack fox. Including the life changing song form that is crimping.

The glue of the show is the obvious love and admiration they have for each other – they couldn’t be apart. The show revolves around the supernatural messes Howard manages to get in to and the ways Vince saves him. Like going to the artic tundra, meeting mod wolves, meeting a cockney nut-job, and Old Greg. Really the show is off-the-wall wacky, well produced and brilliantly accessorized.

The chemistry between Julian and Noel is reason enough to watch if the off beat humour and story isn’t to your taste. They spend the whole time making sweet props, weird characters and having the time of their lives. Truly a labour of love,

Thanks to BabyCowProductions and BBC, most of the songs are available online. I highly recommend looking them up! As soon as you see one, you know you’ll love it!

What is your favourite song?


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