Science: HIV Proof of Concept for Cure

Hello, Thinkers.

Seriousness then information, with positive implications!

HIV infects about 0.6% of the worlds population. During the 90s there was a feeling that there could be no cure, and that medication was good enough.

Medication for HIV is getting better. It can reduce a persons infectiousness by up to 96%, and anti retrovirals can let the infected live for tens more years than without. Is that good enough?

Fun Fact: some people naturally have immunity to HIV, in the mutation Delta 32. there are estimates of 1-100 in Germany.

Mr. Brown had HIV and was cured. He got HIV, was diagnosed, put on anti retrovirals, was healthy enough to live a good life. Then he got leukemia. Dr Hütter thought perhaps the cure for leukemia (stem cell transplant) could cure both if the donation came from someone who had the natural mutation.

He was right, at least for Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is a proof of concept, that the Delta 32 can be transferred or artificially made for others. There have already been experiments on mice (sorry).

Wise people say an actual cure could be decades away, but that is better than never! What we have now, because of this experiment is $$$ and enthusiasm looking for a cure, not just a prevention any more.

Which means we can think about the ethics of it all?

Please read the article. You can get technical about Delta 32 on here, and of course wikipedia.


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