Water and Reading

Hey, Happy!

What are two things (or more) you love to do, but for some reason don’t do? Like an old friend you don’t see often enough?

At the moment mine would be drinking water and reading.

Have you ever had a drink of water? That sweet, sweet nectar of life. Cool and refreshing. So good for you. We’re lucky in New Zealand we can drink it clean and fresh from the tap. Delicious and thirst quenching. Standing in rain is pretty sweet too. Don’t do that often either.

Reading sets my brain on fire. Reading is engulfing (with a good book). It is so hard to do. Its harder than watching a movie, or browsing the ‘nets, its hard to share with friends, takes a long time, there is no instant feedback and impossible to multitask.

It is so much easier to chat, or blog, or watch a movie or do ‘most anything else. It can be tiring because with good book you can feel your brain working. Its a different kind of work than, say, a day at the office, its feels the way an epiphany feels. It becomes a craving.

Yet sometimes it seems too hard to turn off everything, and sit down and read…

Totally worth it. Life changes when you read. You can become someone else. One of my favourite parts is seeing how I look at the world after reading. Things become sharper and more real yet surreal at the same time. I appreciate how I see things and how the character/others see them. Its like a self aware double vision. There is no limit to what you can learn though stories about people. No limit in reading. None. Just find. a. good. book. Yeah, Maia.

Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Water and Reading

  1. I get the feeling that you read much deeper, more intellectual books than I do, however I totes identify with what you said about how you see the world differently after you read a books, so I’m gunna go ahead and recommend what’s probably my fave book (after Lotr/Silmarillion, of course), please don’t rag on it. I really like ‘Daughter of the Forest’, first book in the Sevenwaters Trilogy (now I think it’s a series, though). They’re by Juliet Marillier and the first is like a retelling of the 12 Swans fairytale set in Ireland in novel form.

    I guess I usually read as an escape or at least as a change of pace. I like to go to places I haven’t been/could never go.

    Another read I enjoyed was ‘The Search for the Panchen Llama’ by Isabel Hilton. It’s about the real-life search for the incarnation of the Panchen Llama, who throughout Tibetan Buddhist history has been kind of like the partner of the Dalai Llama and the second highest spiritual authority in Tibet’s ruling Buddhist sect. Until the Chinese invaded and abducted the 11th incarnation as a young child in the ’80s (whereabouts still unkown).
    I enjoyed it.

  2. Oh you are correctly correct! Books are fantastic. Sadly I do not read enough. Any suggestions would be kind of ridiculous from me. Though a good book I read was “I Am Legend”. Its a nice short straight to the point book with no fluff. Quite a different read indeed!

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