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Lets talk about Radiohead. They suit every mood, from jumping around to moody to elevator music. Does anybody like King of Limbs? You don’t need to think about the music to love it, but you can infinitely! Absorbing and experimental, you gotta respect them as a band.

So how about covers of their songs? It seems any and every band has covered “Creep.” Its a solid song, emotional and accessible.  Alanis Morissette has covered Fake Plastic Trees. Isn’t that ironic. no. John Mayerhas covered Kid A. Amanda Palmer, MP3 Blog Stereogum, and a bunch of bands I’ve not heard of have released tribute albums, just to name a few.

Here, have a long list. Click the link and scroll down for people who have covered Radiohead.

Maybe I have Radiohead too much on a pedestal, or I’m too out of touch, but I’ve not come across any cover I can think of that I like as much as the orignal. There are some good bands who have covered their songs. Vampire Weekend, The Flaming Lips. I must confess I do not have too many more right now. I bet all the cool bands do only live covers.

Who is your favourite band? What is your favourite original? Whats you favourite cover?


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