Meet Mongey

Hey, friends

I feel we are close enough now to share important secrets. I have a confession.

That confession is Mongey.

I said "try not to look aloof" and what do we get? Aloof!

Mongey is my childhood toy monkey. The name comes from one of my very best friends not being able to spell Monkey when we were Very Young.

Nothing to be ashamed of you say? WELL. Here is the good part. Mongey still cuddles with me at night. It is Mongey’s concern that I be warm and have a hand (paw?) to hold.

Mongey is wise and dapper. The best of friends. One of my biggest regrets is pulling some of the poor dear’s fluff out to make a cancer (!) scar.

I loves you Mongey.

Do YOU have a childhood toy hanging out with you often? Any deep respects to pay?   This is a safe place :3



4 thoughts on “Meet Mongey

  1. Oh, the aloofness of Mongey!
    I didn’t have a monkey, I had a koosh ball. Her name was Kooshyla. I made her a birth certificate on a post-it. One day I lost her and thought someone had stolen her from my bag while we were on a visit at another school. But my Mum said I had to call the school myself and I was too scared… I felt really guilty for Kooshyla.

  2. Hi Mongey!
    There is a dear friend at my place by the name of “Chip Buddy”. He is great. He helps me when I feel sick, or its a fleezing cold night. He has had repairs, and he fights on strong!

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