Cereal with a Fork


You know what? Sometimes its ok to be lazy. Sometimes its not. Sometimes its ok to LOOK lazy, even though you were trying and the answer just happened to fall into your lap.

This is one of those latter times. Cereal with a Fork was on todays WordPress Freshly pressed. It is really funny, funny dry mostly one panel comics. The kind of thing I read everyday, and not just because wordpress suggests it. And it just so happens to be totally awesome and worth sharing!

Quiet desperation, loneliness, cluelessness, smoking and woman amirite?! are all topics of this quirky, dark breed of humour. Like well laid puns, sometimes the joke is funnier after the case, give it time.

Since reproducing images without consent is frowned upon, and who has time to ask, I’ll just give away some punchlines. See if you can find the matching comic!

An easy one to begin with: “You’re right, this beer does taste like sloth.”

“Tie me to the mast boys! I’m in the mood to drunk text.”

“Just putt the f—–g ball, Steve.” Cereal swears, I don’t. The comic is funnier with the swear words. 

You can also buy a printed copy:

Cereal with a Fork: One Hundred Cartoons of Varying, but Mostly Poor, Quality

Or you can

“Call (405) 634-3395 and I’ll describe the jokes to you.”

If you like to laff at jokes that are hard to convey to others verbally (see Arrested Development) then you’ll love Cereal with a Fork.


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