Pro Tip: Blood Donation

How are you, do-gooders?

Giving blood is important, by simply giving away some of your life fluid, you get free and unlimited access to sweets, hot drinks and cookies. Seriously.

You’re so cool and not at all a fainter if you already give blood. I know at 5 donations you get a mug. What other rewards have you gotten? Other than pride? What was it like for you?

The steps are simple (thats a NZ link, but worldwide guidelines don’t change much). Don’t be a sexually active gay man (sorry), get a needle in your arm, be treated like royalty!

This dreamboat donated

Maybe its a little more complicated. You’ve got to over 16/17 weigh at least 50kg. You can’t be sick (duh), some medicines aren’t allowed, if you’ve received a blood donation you cant donate, don’t even think about HIV!

You’ve gotta wait 4/6 months (depending on where you are) after piercing or tattoos, when you’re pregnant or have just pushed one out.

Your delicious blood is taken from you, stored and can be made into many different products to help save lives. From straight replacing lost blood after surgery to Immunoglobulin made from plasma. It is what it sounds like: a goblin to help your immune system in the prevention of hepatitis A.

Because bad things in blood and so dangerous, especially when people receiving the blood are already weak, if you’ve done something potentially dangerous with your blood like taken needle drugs or had anal sex, you’re out. This is no judgement on the action or person, it is just a big risk for the recipient. It is also too costly to screen the blood to check it is healthy every time, just in case.

Don’t worry, if you are unable to donate, there are plenty of other ways you can make the world better. Google search.

Already with the free juice - she hasn't even started to donante!


2 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Blood Donation

  1. you forgot to mention the greatest thing of all, it burns approx 800 calories! You can totes binge afterwards! Not that that is why I do it of course!

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