Cooking with Masao


Full credit to Somethingawful forums for making this happen. WARNING: You are about to laugh at the funny videos created by someone who may or may not be an alcoholic living in squalor. The Internet believes the man is in a better way now. And also we they believe he doesn’t live in the mess he films in. He’s a little wacky and this is his let-off valve.

Lets cook –  with Masao. An introduction.

Mould? Dirt? Toilet seat? Rot? Katana? Conspiracy theories? A disregard for mess and conventional tools? A joy of cooking? Lets do it! Lets make coconut bread. Or Cheeseburgers, where we can learn about windowless bathrooms and McDonnalds burgers. Grape juice and Al Gore (pee steam is bad).

Its like he’s doing everything for the first time. And he does it all one handed, because he’s filming it with the other. He’s also educating us. And repulsing us. Mainly making us laugh.

“You’re learning at the same time I am.” In Exploring the techniques of sausage cooking we do just that. Together. Directly on a burner. In a cup of water. Add salt (is that what the Capitalists do?).

We support you Masao. What are you having for dinner?


– He is a citizen of Montreal (you can feel joy or shame because of this, or nothing at all I guess)
– He speaks at least four languages, English, French, and Italian are spoken fluently; we have heard his speak Japanese but not to the extent of the others
– He has a normal career (see speculation)
– He has more than one residence. For a short period there was a video called “My Other House” that was not archived, which involves another unresolved speculation.
– He is in his 30’s.
– He has had problems with alcohol and has made many videos while intoxicated.
– He almost always wears the same checkered pajama pants which he uses to dry various utensils and machines with. We don’t always see it but whever his head casts a shadow he is usually wearing a fedora. In one video where someone snagged a reflection off of a pot, Masaokis was not wearing his fedora and had blonde curly hair.
– He was married at one point.
– He has lived and done business in Italy for a significant period of time.

– He has a degree in law (I am 99% certain of this I just cannot find my proof)
– His ethnicity. In the old thread a couple people managed to snag good reflections of him, and Masaokis himself has showed his chubby chest and chin to prove he was wearing an Al Gore t shirt.
– His other place of residence is neatly decorated, clean, and well kept. Again a video called “My Other House” was posted for a brief period of time before Masaokis yanked it without explanation. In the two minute long video, I remember him walking a couple steps to a rocking chair and sitting down to talk about dogs, books, and a souvenir he brought back from a trip to Japan. This was also the video in which he spoke the most Japanese. The disappearance of the video and the content thereof is still mysterious.
– His mental illness, specifically what kind.


One thought on “Cooking with Masao

  1. In one of his videos he mentions going to law school, so you are correct in your speculation about him practicing law. He also shows a book of business laws that were recently enacted and given his time spent overseas and the fact that he speaks multiple languages, it can be assumed he does work in international business law. Also, his hair is not actually blonde. In another video he mentions how he used to bleach his hair, but had a black goatee so his hair color can be assumed to be black. Just figured I’d help you out a bit

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