Katamari Damacy Hack

Hello nerds!

Hack U is a competition put on by Yahoo! It is a competition that encourages clever, creative types to create an app using any open technology.

For example the 2009 what, its a relevant year! winning groups included: An app that allowed blind people to send and receive text messages, a cooking timer that displays on your tv, an interesting idea that shows you where other people are on a web page in order to simulate crowds, and instant alerts for stocks you follow. The second two are live, I don’t know what happened to the first two examples.

The reason we are talking about Hack U is because the winner of 2011 Hack U at the University of Washington was Katamari Damacy Related.

This hack makes you the Prince not as handsome as his father. You get to roll up all the words on any web page! It is stupidly fun! It is one step closer to rolling things up in real life, and several degrees warmer than rolling things up with snow!


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