Bugs With Dew On Them

Hi again.

Macro-photography. A mix of amazing skill, timing and equipment.

Bugs. Creepy, crawly and crazy awesome looking.

Here are some pictures of bugs with dew on them.

Photos like this are sublime, breath-taking and kooky. There is a whole world covered in dew that we don’t see very often.

Macrophotography is generally photos where the size of the subject/bug is 1:1 on the negative or on the display of a digital camera. This allows the photo to be much larger than the orignal subject/bug. To blow your mind.

I love how the water acts like a magnifying glass for the bits of bug underneath, especially on the bugs eye. Its so visually engaging, almost hypnotizing! This wasp looks like she has snow on her! :3

Pretty cool photos, right? Are you inspired or terrified? Or something else?




2 thoughts on “Bugs With Dew On Them

  1. I feel refreshed. I wish I was covered in large, clean, crystalline dew drops. They look cleansing and invigorating all at the same time.

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