You want to talk about power couples? Amanda F****n Palmer and Neil Gaiman

In love yet, People?

What words come to mind when you think of your heros and role models? Those people, beyond your parents, who you’ve chosen to truly listen to.

Words like artistic, creative, talented, inspiring, articulate, funny, unique, charismatic, comfortable with who they are (and nudity), a desire to push boundaries, have a strong will and vision, know their own limits and standards, worth your awe.

There, in a nutshell, you have Amanda F Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

Personally, I fell in love with Neil Gaiman‘s writing the minute I picked up American Gods. It was engaging, fantastic-yet-not-absurd. It has been read many times over. Then came an introduction to the Sandman series. Those comics, though not alone at the top, are the pinnacle of what graphic novels can be. The story is well thought out and beautifully interwoven and the use of many different artists keeps it feeling exciting and multifaceted, like you are experiencing other people read the story as well. I implore you to read them, I’ll lend them to you!

Amanda Palmer is the hero of so many alternative, confused teenagers, at least that was my introduction. I find I get immediate street-cred with those alternative types by knowing who she is. I think that says more about in/out group dynamics that it does about Amanda. She is so talented and intimate, so funny and intense and dark. She does what she loves and its wonderful to listen to. Who doesn’t like punk cabaret?

As artists they are driven and loving what they do. As people they are charismatic. Together they are charming, lovely and even all the envy that lives inside me can’t lessen the happiness I feel when I see them collaborate. I don’t know how big their fan base overlap was, but I imagine its huge now! They seem to love their fan base and appreciate their desire for involvement. These two together make my head explode with awesomeness.

They feel so underground, even though they are so darn popular, that is a credit to their charisma and intimacy.

Are you a fan of both/either? What is you favorite thing that they have done? There are so many…


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