Emma Stone

Howdy fellow admirers

Emma. Stone.

Dang. Click those links. The ‘Emma’ one has dancing. The ‘Stone’ one has strutting, and anagrams!

She’s a funny gal. And clever. That smirk of hers drives me CRAZY. Her wit! Her voice! Her Hair! Her good choice in movie roles!

She’s been marketed well, that girl.

She’s not just a pretty face, and thats what makes her so darn attractive.

Yes, the big H that is hollywood, even when satirizing itself, tends to hire only pretty young girls, but we can move on from that.There is a big difference between the pretty young thing in Easy A, for example, than is represented in recent Transformers. Easy A has a unique character that takes into account the quirks of the actor. Transformers has two female bodies, one of whom literally replaces the other.

Disclaimer, I haven’t actually seen any Michael Bay Transformers films, I just read a lot of pop culture reviews. We all know his reputation.

Now lets admire! Is there no hair colour she doesn’t suit, and with a fringe sometimes!? Blonde. Is there no line she can’t deliver sarcastically? So gangly! So composed. So charming. Magnetic?

Fun movies! I’m her fan club too!


4 thoughts on “Emma Stone

  1. Have you seen Crazy Stupid Love? She was pretty good in that. What made you watch Easy A? Is it good (apart from E.S.?) Totes agree about Transformers (and I HAVE seen them). Have you seen How To Lose Friends And Alienate People? The Fox suited it so well. (Not a compliment).
    ❤ !

  2. Questions questions! I haven’t seen Crazy Stupid. Reviews weren’t that good.
    Easy A is super funny. Another highlight would be Patricia Clarkson (from Lars and the Real Girl!) and Stanley Tucci playing the parents. They are sympathetic characters played by amazing actors. They have great chemistry and equally witty dialogue.
    I’ve not seen Lose Friends either. Ha ha “the Fox” neat. The premise seems a little antagonistic for my liking, but what did you think?

  3. Patricia Clarkson is incredible, hope you have seen her in High Art and The Station Agent! Emma Stone is defintely unique, I look forward to seeing her in many more films.

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