Hey fellow humans. Your teeth look nice today.

Nachos, amirite? I don’t think its possible to overestimate their merit.

Best food ever. Not even exaggerating. I would marry nachos if they were a person. Imagine that! And like love, nachos are as varied as the day is long.

Lets break it down. Beans: Yes. Cheese: All kinds. Veges: Pack ’em in there! Spicy: As you like it. Can be made while drunk (mainly from canned goods) or lovingly crafted from the most time consuming of ingredients and spices. Add some fresh guacamole or salsa! Lentils, meat or tofu. Heaven.

The best part, perhaps, is the corn chips. Hand made organic to store bought cheese flavour. Crunchy bite sized companions, aides even, to your meal. Like little spoons, engaging you to make every mouthful a treat. I go crazy sometimes and have my nachos, corn chips and all, on wedges. Wow, right?!

Or is the best part the sour cream? Melting, yet cool the perfect companion to spice and heat. Sour cream breaks up the heavier flavour of the tomatoes, clearing the pallet for a different mix on the next chip.

It is the fundamental combination of crunch, spice, cream, cheese and tomatoes that draws me in. There is almost limitless variation on the types and amount of these basic ingredients. Strong, fancy or mild cheese, it is never overpowered. Watery or thick tomato base to soak into the chips, or to pile on. Chicken, lamb, venison, mince, or no meat at all.

There is no person who can not like nachos. The recipe can be changed so easily for allergies or preference.

Nachos can be fancy, basic, frozen (for later!), comfort food, dinner party food. It is good on toast the next day, or add some pasty and make a pie!

Simple or complex, there is no situation that does not call for amazing nachos! I dare you you find one.


2 thoughts on “Nachos

  1. Update: I’m still thinking about this wonderful food. Enlisting the help of a wonderful friend I’m going to try to make corn chips on Monday evening. Pix will probs follow, unless they are all in my mouth too fast!

  2. You are indeed correct about nachos. Where and how can they not be great! They are a friend food. They bring you all closer together eating with your hands. Everybody wins when friends become better friends.. and goood nachos are the key!

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