Musically Challenged (?) and Still Producing

Hey again, musos. This time it isn’t about Weezer!

Some people are naturally talented, some people just love music and create it for the sheer joy. High Seas Deep Seas are those people:

This is from our previous release: “Dude, they’re selling wings now!”

The song is about feeling like a bad man because you drink the dirty soup that comes with the instant noodles. Deep, I know.

This song about instant noodle soup is gritty and fun. What do you think?

Legend has it that the members of High Seas Deep Seas, in homage to a comedy skit, occasionally rent a hotel room, get super drunk and have the time of their lives making an album recording! The jury is out on wither these are costumes or not…

At least one of the members also contribues to Sismism, with a delicious hint of Australian accent.

This is fan made music, the fun it emanates is contagious. There appears to be a website that goes with the scene.

Do you like this music? What small/for fun bands to you know? We would all love to hear them!


Diane Arbus


Self Portrait

She is a wonderful photographer. Well, she’s dead now. She’s noted for black and white photographs of ‘marginal‘ members of society: little people, transvestites, circus performers and outcasts. Though she was afraid that subject would define her – which it did.
Her photos are really very striking. The darkness in them is like a veil. I would say depressing, but very bleak and somber. Perhaps because her subjects are usually not smiling, this grim feeling translates on to even her happy photos. Of which there are not many of smiling faces.
Art can be an important expression of emotions.
To try to contain it rationally immediately creates a criteria of appropriateness or quality that does not apply.
For example, Diane was criticized for the lack of beauty in her work, who said art need to be beautiful? That is a standard created by people who wish to find a reason for art where there is no reason.
In response, those critics themselves accused of aesthetic insensibility.
Perhaps either is true. What do you value in art? Aesthetics? Emotions? Do you analyse art, or do you go with a gut feeling? Do you even like Diane Arbus’ work?
If you do, here is a selection of equally brilliant and striking works by others.

Prisoners in Pink

Hello left-wingers.

Have you heard that wearing pink jumpsuits and living in pink cells is an effective deterrent for a lot of re-offending? In Mason County Jail, Texas, and many other prisons, they are being used as a punishment.

Lets ignore for now the gendered, cultural dialogue that goes along with colour that helps make this punishment effective. Lets focus on the fact that this deterrent isn’t violent, harsh or compounding more jail time on inmates. It is well known that violence begets violence. Threatening people who don’t have much to loose is like poking a bear, and it doesn’t help with the all important rehabilitation.

Idealy, wearing pink is a way of making behaving badly result in undesirable consequences, and is absurd enough for some people to laugh at themselves. Instead of getting a violent reputation, a criminal would get a reputation for making foolish decisions for their future.

Sherriff of the Jail Clint Low got the idea of pink jumpsuits from a sheriff in Arizona, Joe Arpaio, “estimated the re-offense rate in the county is down 70 percent since he switched to pink jumpsuits for the inmates. He also said there have been no fights between inmates in the jail since it was painted.”

It is a neat idea, and shows some out of the box thinking and an understanding of how peoplw work, in any situation.  Once someone is convicted, they are still a person with self respect and self esteem.

What do you think? Better ways to treat inmates?

Fun Fact: The jail in the article holds 5, so isn’t exactly a large scale experiment. 70% decrease in reoffending sure is though.