Flatmates: Here and Gone

Welcome, Friends.

Flatmates are pretty fun. They help with costs and spare you the crippling pain of knowing no one would notice if you fell and couldn’t get back up. They cook, and provide excuses for you not to just have toast every night. They are friends who have seen you in all conditions. True friendship test =  passed.

There are, however, undeniable perks to the flatmates being gone.

Here are a couple of the best.

One. This is simple.

No. Pants.

No pants makes many of the other perks even better! Loud music, cool.Loud pantsless music, more room to dance. Other benefits include less time having to get dressed after showering, being comfortable, laughing at belts.

Two. Feel free to disagree with me here, but only if you’ve tried it.

Peeing/showering with the door open.

Woah, I know. Liberating. Slightly more embarrassing if there is a surprise return of your unsuspecting roomies, but the risk just heightens the gain.

What perks do you find living with/without people?


2 thoughts on “Flatmates: Here and Gone

  1. My secret shame when the flatmates leave, loud poppy tunes and dacing, if you could call it that. Also RIDICULOUSLY long showers, with no judgement.

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